Job Search

7th December 2015

It is that time of the year that candidates begin to consider changing job.
If you are searching for a job, it's timely that you set your priorities in check. The following are some of the tips to learn how to maximise your search time, effectiveness and chances of success in your search.
It is a well researched fact that potential employers prefer to hire some one with a positive work attitude and enthusiasm towards work. 
Negative attitude
During your job search, always remind oneself of your capability to 'locate' the right job  and that is always opportunity waiting for you. you should discard all 'negatives' thoughts that are not supportive of your job search. Feat is not useful in a job search situation because it closes you down instead of opening you up to all opportunities that exist in the job market.
The job search attitude checklist.
Discard all negative attitudes that you may have in your job search. Erase any message that may negate your job search efforts, e.g. 'it's hard to find a jobs nowadays', it's very competitive out there' ... 'companies do not prefer my kind of qualifications'. These are not helping you at all !
Instead, find evidence to prove to yourself that you do possess the right qualification(s) to succeed in the job search. A positive attitude is what it takes. Use the recruiter as a source
Do not be afraid to pick a recruiter's brain. As oppose to apply jobs through job porters, the recruiters are the liaison between you and job seeker and the employer, recruiter can prove to be a very useful  help in your job search. As a candidate, you will have a great opportunity to determine whether or not the position is some thing you would like to pursue further. After all, the recruiter is the one who knows the profile of the position requirements.       

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